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3D Applications for the Power Generation Industry

Scansite3D‘s measuring technology utilizes ATOS® and Breuckmann® structured light 3D scanners, the entire suite of CREAFORM® 3D scanners, and Aicon3D® Phtotogrammetry systems.  These systems enable us to provide many possible solutions to your requirements.

Our CREAFORM® 3D scanners excel on projects with limited access and tight space requirements. Data accuracy is amongst the highest on the market and stability of the measurement set-up is guaranteed by the TRUaccuracy technology, which makes it possible to measure parts in unstable environments.

  • Reverse engineering & Legacy Part Creation
  • Quality control/inspection
  • Measuring for Repair & Maintenance applications
  • F.E.A. (Finite Element Analysis)

Case Study: Reverse Engineering a Marine Propeller