Project Description

Spirit of the Ocean Fountain at the Santa Barbara County Courthouse

The fountain sculpture was originally carved in 1927 by the Venetian trained sculptor Ettore Cadorin. The passage of time and the courthouse’s irrigation system had caused the original sandstone to “rot” until it was beyond repair.

The Santa Barbara Courthouse Legacy foundation, led by architect Robert Ooley, began a project to save the fountain. The restoration project took six years and cost more that $730,000.

Scansite 3D’s role began with scanning of the original fountain sculpture. The scan data was edited and parts of the dated were digitally repaired. For example, the “fish” which had lost the left side of its face to decay, was repaired by “mirroring” the right side.

Next the scan data was sent to a CNC milling machine and full size foam patterns were cut. The foam patterns were used by the sculptors as models in re-carving the stone fountain.