3D Scanning and CNC Foam Milling Services

Because we understand how important it is to artists that digital data be 100% true to original works and they do not want anybody making the slightest alterations, Scansite 3D uses aerospace-quality, structured light 3D scanners to provide the highest quality 3D scanning and CNC foam milling services. The accuracy of this process cannot be rivaled.

“Seeing” Hidden Surfaces

Preparing a 3D scan file for CNC Foam Milling Enlargements requires that the data be ‘watertight’, which translates to absolutely no missing information. Sculpture, on the other hand, often has undercuts and hidden surfaces presenting many ‘line of sight’ issues that don’t allow the scanner to ‘see’ (scan) into those areas. By closely studying a sculpture and the data we create, we hand edit each and every missing area and, using the surrounding topography as a guide, fill in that information with the right curvature.

If an area is so hidden that an accurate representation just cannot be made, Scansite 3D fills them in so as to create extra material in the foam duplicate for the artist to carve. This method supports the natural way of sculpting and our clients indicate it is preferable than trying to add material back onto the foam after the milling.

Bringing the Replica to Life

Once the 3D scan data is perfect, it is sent on to a 5-axis CNC foam milling machine and the enlargement comes to life, perfectly replicated. That’s the Scansite 3D difference!