3D Scanning Daniel Chester French’s “Black Angel”

Watch the video:  http://www.ketv.com/news/council-bluffs-neighborhood-association-pay-9000-for-3d-scan-of-black-angel/39675186 COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa - June 1, 2016  - The "Black Angel," is a nationally known monument that pays tribute to Ruth Anne Dodge, Gen. Grenville Dodge's wife. The sculptor who made it is the same man who crafted the "Seated Lincoln" statue the Lincoln Memorial [...]

3D Scanning a Salt Flat Racer for Speed Performance Adjustments during Speed Week

Project: 3D scanning an LSR Streamliner to make performance improvements before Speed Week at Bonneville. Challenge: In order to investigate potential modifications, HELIMEC needed to scan the vehicle onsite so that a computer model could be created for CFD analysis. Solution: With Scansite 3D’s extensive experience, HELIMEC received [...]