3D Scanning and Classic Automobiles

October 23, 2017 Author:  Somerset  Bassett At Scansite3D, we have seen a marked increase in interest from legacy automobile owners.  3D scanning has fully captured the imagination of the classic car community and for good reason, too!  It was 25 years ago that Scansite3D milled its first buck from scan data; [...]

Reverse Engineering Legacy Parts for 1938 Talbot Lago

Author:   Somerset Bassett The 1938 Talbot Lago bevel gear we were asked to reverse engineer required a CAD file to create new parts.  These parts wear over time and the originals have not been supported since Lago was sold in 1958.  We began by scanning the object with an aerospace grade Breuckmann optical scanner which [...]

Did your project get outsourced?

The Problem with Overseas CAD Work. Author:   Somerset Bassett Increasingly, one of the problems with globalization is that vital intellectual property information is traveling over great distances with minimal oversight. And many companies do not feel obligated or inclined to share where your data is being sent or stored. [...]

The Importance of High Quality 3D Scan Data – Ours versus Theirs – Episode #1

When commissioning 3D scanning services, its crucial to know what the "downstream" application will be.  Will the 3D data be used for reverse engineering?  3D printing?  CNC milling?  Visualization?  FEA or CFD?  While some downstream applications are more forgiving than others, one thing is clear:  Getting the best high quality [...]

3D Scanning a Salt Flat Racer for Speed Performance Adjustments during Speed Week

Project: 3D scanning an LSR Streamliner to make performance improvements before Speed Week at Bonneville. Challenge: In order to investigate potential modifications, HELIMEC needed to scan the vehicle onsite so that a computer model could be created for CFD analysis. Solution: With Scansite 3D’s extensive experience, HELIMEC received [...]

Scansite Provides 3D Scans of Rodin’s Hands for Stanford’s Division of Clinical Anatomy

For an accurate representation of these detailed sculptures, with their many nooks and crevices, Stanford University needed a scanning provider that could deliver extremely high quality 3D scans. Using Three Dimensional Sculptures to Demonstrate and Train Clinical Anatomy and Surgical Students at Stanford University Medical Center, Scansite Provides 3D Scans [...]

3D Scanning Restores and Replaces Crumbling Courthouse Sculpture

Scansite 3D used 3D scanning and custom editing techniques to provide crucial steps in restoring a historic Santa Barbara fountain. The Spirit of the Ocean, Santa Barbara’s iconic and seemingly robust fountain, has been crumbling for decades and is on the verge of collapse. The chosen remedy, after years of [...]

Scansite 3D & AP Proto Team Up to Create 3D Laser Scanning of Sculpture for Notre Dame

Artist Robert Graham recruits Scansite 3D and AP Proto to help him create a new bronze sculpture for the Basilica at Notre Dame University. Selective Laser Sintering Used to Create Bronze Sculpture for Basilica at Notre Dame University Scansite 3D & AP Proto Team Up to Create 3D Laser [...]

Robert Graham: The Great Bronze Doors for the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels

This insightful book provides an insider's glimpse into how Scansite 3D helped sculptor Robert Graham create the Vatican's most ambitious building project since the Renaissance. Spanning over a 2 year period, Scansite 3D used high end 3D laser scanner on tiny, one inch, hand sculpted tiles to produce meticulous 3D [...]

FDR, A Memorial for All of Us

Scansite creates 3D digital files of the new FDR sculpture and bas relief panels for the Memorial in Washington, D.C. Memorial for All of Us'; Statue of FDR In Wheelchair Added to Tribute The Washington Post - Washington, D.C. Author: David Montgomery Jan 11, 2001 FDR A bronze [...]