Automotive 3D Scanning

Scansite 3D has over two decades of experience providing automotive 3D scanning and reverse engineering services for the auto industry. Some of our services include:

  • Reverse engineering existing parts
  • First article inspection of molded parts and sheet metal
  • Legacy Part creation and archiving
  • Classic car scanning for restoration and archiving
  • 3D Metrology for FEA and CFD


3D Scanning of Classic Cars

There are many reasons for scanning classic cars.  In some cases, the car’s owners want a record of the car’s geometry in case the car is wrecked or otherwise damaged (Just as many museums and cultural institutions scan their assets).   Another common use for 3d scanning is to assist in restoration.  Scanning can be used to check for symmetry and other deviations from the original shape of the car.   A surprising number of valuable classic cars are still being raced; having 3d scan data of the car’s original shape can be very useful in restoring a wrecked or damaged car.Click edit button to change this text.


Legacy Part Creation

Its very common to hear our customers say “The only way to get a part for this car is to make your own”.  Indeed, replacement parts for many older cars simply do not exist.

The bevel gear shown at left is from a 1938 Talbot-Lago “Teardrop” roadster.  This gear, which drives the distributor and oil pump on the Talbot-Lago’s engine, was stripped on our customer’s car.  The Scansite3D team was able to scan the damaged gear, create a SolidWorks file for future part creation, and make a replacement gear and several spares for the car’s owner.